If I     (CGDGBD Capo 5)

Listen up close, she won't speak loud or long

Follow any line you can

There are no words, it's just one endless song

To which I only caught one verse

If I could see you in death, I'd die tomorrow

Song, Woman and Wine      (DF#DF#BD Capo 3)

Banjo all day long

Play your age old hymn

You never can go right 

Now you're out of sight

Going all wrong

Girl come close to me

And happy we will lie

Like it was meant to stay

If I get in your way 

you can tell me

Wine run through my veins 

And take away the night

Singing in the sky

If it's time to die do it all again

Two Trains         (CACGCE Capo 5 or 7)

Two trains running

Click clack click clack

One of them going

The other coming back

It's all nothing

Two moons rising

High, high

One of them aligning 

To the stars in the sky

It's all nothing

Two tears falling

Low on your cheek

Both of them calling

For things you can't keep

It's all nothing

As you lie          (DGDGBD Open)

As you lie now, you don't feel

But the sleepless nights are as real

As the days at the wheel

As you rest now, in the past

Well the days they went so fast

Climbing             (CGDGBD Capo 5)

Been long enough I've tried to climb above you

And all you can see from here is lies

It's been long enough I've wondered if anyone's watching

And are there any humans left alive

Technology               (CACGCE Capo 5)

The air is thick with trees

I am fit to leave

TV, how do you bear and be?

Technology, death is a breeze


Like a clock               (Standard, open)

I am washed upon a rock, in a cold and girding sea

The sun is figured like a clock

It turns and hangs at me

May have to turn to god now, much as it pains me

Because science was just a staging post

And art doesn't set you free

And i never loved anyone who loved me

But i won't go back to Abraham, or the man from Galilee 

Or the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Or any other three


Adrenaline            (CACGCE  Capo 8)

Distant beat, advancing feet

Each of us wound within

The sky is a bright grey skin

Aglow with adrenaline

About, like a thing, to begin

We lie here in wait

The room now awakes

We are in place

Pearls are a dull pale dud

Flames are an old cold fake

We lie here in wait

Noon          (CACGCE  Capo 3)

It was Monday

Round about 12 Noon

And the water was rising

We was running out of room

You expel air and sink

And your hair now dances in the slipstream

Your mind to the waves of a dream

Now there's no need to think

We'd been much too far out at the time

Not waving but drowning

Get Together            (Standard, Capo 5)

I want you to get together

I want you to get together

Who was here before now?

Were there only you and I all night?

Could have sworn, could have sworn there were more now

What is that pale orange light?

When I count there are only you and I

Who was here before now?

Silently waiting

We are born in the desert

We live in the desert

Our soul is in the desert

We will return to the desert

Silently waiting

That was a wasted wish my dear

I would have loved you anyway

We are as caught as a fish I fear

I feel it this way

And will you again?

This Is The Kiss            (CGDF#BD  Capo 3)

This is the kiss

It is all there is

Take it, it's for you

Only now you don't exist

You hear the void insist

What kind of choice is this?

Nunca Jamas  (by Atahualpa Yupanqui)           (Standard, Capo 3)

De loma en loma has de ir, y mi rastro buscaras

De loma en loma has de ir, y mi rastro buscaras

La huella de las vicunas, eso solo encontraras

Pero a mi nunca jamas, a mi nunca jamas

Hasta mi choza has de ir, purita piedra no mas

Hasta mi choza has de ir, purita piedra no mas

El viento zumba que zumba, eso solo encontraras

Pero a mi nunca jamas, a mi nunca jamas

Al Antigal has de ir, y mi tumba buscaras

Al Antigal has de ir, y mi tumba buscaras

Silencio del alta sierra, eso solo encontraras

Pero a mi nunca jamas, a mi nunca jamas

Jonah            (CGDF#BD  Capo 3)

Something is reaching an end

Something is reaching an end

How careless of me to have got so old

Gotta roll behind time to see

Gotta roll behind time to see

I will love you forever

Are you on the run from me?

Jonah, it's a big old sea

And there is nowhere I can't be

Jonah, it's a big old sea

And you are cold and cowardly

Jonah, it's a big old sea

You return your love to me

Jonah, it's a big old sea

Now you live from a memory

Jonah, it's a big old sea

Are you on the run from me?

Jonah it's a big old sea

And you are cold and cowardly

Jonah, it's a big old sea

I will love you forever




Two Halfs   (A#FDFBD)

Now I am ready to tell

How bodies are changed

How rhymes remain

How myth still reigns

How love defeats fame

How happy you came

Two halfs of the same


The Big Lie         (CGDF#BD  Capo 3)

Three fell, too easily, for me

Come to me, you are still my sons

Fall to your hands, to your knees, scream from the top of your lungs what you've done

Then come on home and join the fun

There is nothing you have done this time that hasn't before or since been done

And it is tiring, tiring, tiring, tiring, tiring, tiring when you're on the run

Then you can stand, with a steel framed resolve

Which neither fire nor you nor any other liar nor jet fuel could ever dissolve

We have seen with our own eyes

And I will never again believe the big lie


Snag With the Language      (A#FDFBD capo 6)

Your dungeon is done

Lay out on the grass for one last look at the sun

There is no use in crying

There is a snag with the language

Which has to be reversed

And a snitch in your new friend

A wooden horse trots a steady course

Through all correspondence

See I only, see I only


The Hinge of the Year       (A#FDFBD capo 5)

By the oldest of modes they come

Soundless and fleet, with four tripping feet to each one

Shifting in size, arriving by the skies

Fluid and fast and dumb

The world is overrun

Over and overrun

The war on you begun


The crowds now flow as the snowfall goes

Heavy and slow

And the same rose blows, and the same sun glows

But the moving mouths all froze with fear, steady and near

And it's quiet and white, at the hinge of the year


Red Road    (A#FDFAD)

Red road, dusty wide and free

Seemed to me

Smoke rose, two and one was three

Or seemed to be

And it rose all day


Stopped skies, motionless the tress, still the seas

Breeze blocked, backwards runs the clock

And fires freeze

Rocks breathe, gusts of memories, cross the peaks high

Small feat, missing but complete

Neatly lie

And they lie always


Atmosphere (Joy DIvision cover)  (A#GDF#A#D)

Walk in silence

Don't walk away in silence

See the danger, always danger

Endless talking

Life rebuilding

Don't walk away

Walk in silence

Don't turn away in silence

Your confusion, my illusion

Worn like a mask of self hate

Confronts and then dies

Don't walk away

People like you find it easy

Naked to see

Walking on air

Hunting by the rivers through the streets

Every corner, abandoned to soon

Set down with due care

Don't walk away


And Also        (CACGCE   Capo 3)

And also I see you, you stand with your long lonely face

And wonder why no-one approaches to soften your days

But had I known it was a game, I would have played

And you would have shone like a medal and sparkled and stayed

But love is a rolling dice and an icy malaise

And your eyes move faster than lizards in search of your prey

But I am worse, I wanted you

The mountain is cold, there's a dance far below, I am saved

The prettiest girl I have seen dances night in to day

But she's too easy mine, I decline and move on my way

And there isn't a moment since where regret doesn't say

That I am worse, I wanted you

Amber Sky      (DF#DF#BD  Open)

Amber sky

Empty as I

Feel inside

A folded mind

Then a single seagull

Folds one wing

Drops in to view

And I am new

It pulls me on

Invisible string

Day and Night            (CACGCE    Capo 3)

Day and night, forget you, how could I?

Sun's light, leave you, how could I?

Love, falling, feel you, how could I fail?

Little fliers rise and fall,

Buoyed by a humid breeze

There is a life in a fire which you can almost breathe

Stupid pupil, has to take everything in

An eye for beauty is an eye for deathly sin

Are they the same thing?